Power Shaft Fall Classic Lacrosse Position Camp
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Fire Up Your Game

Elevate Your Game!

Now, lacrosse players can perfect their game training with The Power Shaft™ anytime of the day, or for that matter, anytime of the year in their backyard or on the practice field!
  • Train with The Power Shaft™
  • Improve your skill level
  • Get a competitive edge!
"It’s like nothing I’ve ever trained with before!"
Peter Vlahakis, All American MLL
Face-Off All Star

Offensive Players

  • Increase shot speed!
  • Make quicker feeds!
  • Change hands faster!
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  • Increase hand speed!
  • Become more explosive
  • Dominate the face-off X!
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  • Put a "pop" in your check!
  • Keep stick inches from the attack man!
  • Dominate the fourth quarter!
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  • Regular stick feels like a feather!
  • Get cat-like reflexes!
  • Incredible pre-game warm-ups!
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See How It Works

Shaft Lengths & Weights

The Power Shaft™ comes in three position-related lengths and fits any manufacturer’s lacrosse head.
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Enhance your weight training with...

The Power Shaft will develop and build strength in the muscles specifically needed to be a better lacrosse player! Bench presses and military presses do not simulate the motion of shooting a lacrosse ball, throwing a check, exploding when the whistle blows or increasing your hand speed to make that save!

Easily fits heads made by: