Power Shaft Fall Classic Lacrosse Position Camp
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The Power Shaft is an exciting new solid-weighted training shaft that fits every manufacturer's lacrosse shaft and gives you the workout you need to build strength you won't get in a weight room.
Watch your skill level increase, when you train with The Power Shaft.
Mr. Rotanz, 
My name is Mike Murray and I am an assistant coach at Western New England University under Coach Klepacki. I want to
start this statement by saying; in my opinion I feel that every collegiate team should have power shafts for their players to
use. The first time I learned about college teams using power shafts was this past summer. This past summer I went out to
Ohio State University to work a camp for them, and I saw that each player gets their own power shaft that they must complete
a certain amount of wall ball and shooting work outs with the power shafts. After talking to a couple of players about their experience
with the power shafts; and they expressed to me that they felt an immediate impact in their overall stick skills and their shot velocity. Once I heard that Coach Klepacki had ordered a couple of power shafts for our team I was pretty excited about that. 

From the first day of the fall semester we have been utilizing the power shafts in all aspects. I say this because once our players heard that they all rushed to our office asking if they can use them, which was a great thing for us coaches to see. From wall ball, shooting, defensive and face-off workouts our players have been consistently using them in order to elevate their game to the next level. During our fall season, I acted as the face-off coach and I mandated all our face-off guys bring the power shafts out to practice for when we do our faceoff drills. After week 2 of our fall season I asked our face-off players if they feel a difference in their hand speed as a result of using the power shafts. They expressed to me that they feel and see a major difference in their hand speed and wish we had them in years past. 

Another scenario where I saw the power shafts improving our players stick skills was when we tested our guys on their wall-ball workouts. From doing a pre and post power shaft comparison with some of our upperclassmen test results, I saw an improvement in most of our players’ testing times. I directly link the use of the power shafts to why those times have improved because throughout the fall our players were doing their wall-ball workouts with the power shafts. 

The power shafts are very beneficial and like I stated in previously; every collegiate team should invest in this product. For the mere fact that it is a great tool for our players to build their wrist, forearm, and shoulder strength. I firmly believe from our experience with the power shafts, the more power shafts a team has the better your team’s overall skill level will be. 

Thank You,
Michael Murray